Velocity Dyad 700c: Review

The Velocity Dyad rim sets the standard for 700c touring road bike wheels. They are amongst the most reliable rims available on the market for use with clincher road tires. I have been using the Dyad rims for more than 10 years and have never experienced a failure or defect beyond normal wear. The 22mm V profile box design gives plenty of strength to the rim. The Dyad has been a favorite of cycling enthusiasts for years, offering outstanding reliability and comfort for use on long tours and treks. The 24mm width easily accommodates 40c-50c tires for loaded touring, smoothening out the bumps for your long journey. If trekking or touring is your goal, and you’re looking for a reliable rim, then the Dyad is just the rim for you. Keep in mind, the higher the spoke count, the less load your spokes will carry and the less stress that will be transfered to the rim over time and the longer your spokes and rim will last. For loaded touring, 40h or 48h rims are preferable. These rims are available in black and silver anodized colors. Available spoke counts of 32h, 36h, 40h and 48h. If you’re looking for a reliable road rim that will give you good service, look no further than the Velocity Dyad 700c rim.

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