Velocity Chukker 700c: Review

The Velocity Chukker is a recent rim designed for the expanding market of bicycle polo and fixed gear enthusiasts. The rim is essentially a cross between a Dyad and a Deep V. The width is 24mm and the depth is 32mm. It is a strong rim, like the Deep V, but able to accommodate larger tires. I have been using the Chukker rims on my fixie for over a year now and absolutely love them! They’re nice and stiff, accelerating hard with little or no noticeable windup. A great rim for your fixie/track bike which sees more torsional load than a rim with rim brakes. For tricks, a 48h version is optimal with minimal weight penalty. I use the Chukkers with 23c tires at high psi. As long as your tires are inflated properly, the tire will hold snug and corner like a dream with less roll-over than with a standard, narrower rim. This is my preferred rim/tire combination for my main training bike (Montague Boston SS). These are available in a variety of spoke counts and colors. For high stress tricks and stunts, a higher spoke count is preferable. The Chukker is also available as a 26″ rim.

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