Velocity Chukker 700c Rim

Chukker 700C

These rims were initially developed for 26″ wheels. Now in 700c, they offer the same outstanding value as the Deep Vs, but able to accommodate a wider range of tires. If you’re a heavier, aggressive rider, these wheels are fantastic. Perfect for tandems, polo and tricks.

SIZE: 700c

BSD: 622mm

ERD: 580mm

WEIGHT: 650grams

SIDEWALL: Machined and non machined sidewall available.

DRILLINGS: 18h, 20h, 24h, 28h, 32h, 36h, 40h, 48h


Non-Machined Sidewall


Black 32 Hole – 24mm NMSW (Not Currently in Stock)

Silver Anodized 32 Hole – 24mm NMSW (Not Currently in Stock)

Black 36 Hole – 24mm NMSW (Not Currently in Stock)


Machined Sidewall


Black 36 Hole – 24mm MSW (Not Currently in Stock)

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