Schwalbe Durano Skid: Review

The Durano Skid is the latest development from Schwalbe. Designed specifically for fixed bikes, the Durano Skid, with a high durometer rubber down the centerline and a strong rubber-coated side wall, greatly increases durability. Under heavy loads, such as those experienced when back-pedaling a fixie, wheel lock is inevitable and also extremely abrasive to your tire. Having to switch out tires frequently is a nuisance and it certainly costs more.

Without a doubt, Schwalbe has set the standard for bicycle tire design over the years. The original Marathon XR tire set the standard for the best touring tire worldwide. The variable durometer tread ensured lower rolling resistance, better durability and enhanced grip when cornering. With the new Durano Skid, you can expect the same leading design. The high durometer centerline should prove worthy in withstanding greater frictional loads considerably longer than other tires with its deeper, abrasion resistant tread. Stay in the saddle longer and don’t fiddle with your bike.

The Durano Skid – for Bikes without Brakes. Available in 700 x 25c (black only).

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