DT Swiss R 1900 Wheels: Review

road bike wheels reviewWheel design has a dramatic impact on ride quality, speed and handling, so the last thing you want to do is look for low-budget alternatives. At about $600, Swiss DT’s least expensive set of wheels will cost twice as much as other entry-level models, but these Swiss-made wheels have so much road feel and stiffness they are well worth the extra cost. They weigh in at 1897 grams so they are not exactly the lightest on the market, so do not expect the same type feel as more expensive wheels, but the R 1900 carry their weight well, especially on the roles. They hold a race bike feel but are bit sluggish, so they make great training wheels and will enliven the most entry-level bikes. Machine-built and hand finished in DT’s Poland plant with forged leaves spokes, R 1900’s, arm-wrist wheels instead of welded-rim joints. Rather than DT’s ultradurable star-ratchet freehub system, using the R 1900 a more conventional two-latch system, but it never appeared, or skipped a beat. Contemplation of that the next wheel up in the DT’s Line, RR 1850, only 50 grams lighter and costs $ 1,060, the R 1900 offers value. R Icing on the 1900 cake is a look that will not seem out of place on fancy rig, and will add some pizzazz to a bargain-priced bike.

This would be the perfect wheel for those looking for reiliability with a stiff ride.

However, they are not for you if light-weight is what you’re after.

Easton EA70 Road Bike Wheels (700c, Campagnolo)
road bike wheels review
Amazon Carries the Easton EA70 Wheel Set for about $100 less than the DT Swiss R-1900’s and it’s a comparable alternative.
Easton EA70 Road Bike Wheels (700c, Campagnolo)

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