Selle an-Atomica Titanico Saddle: Review

The Selle An-Atomica Titanico is a leather saddle with a generous cutout in the center to relieve saddle soreness. This saddle was designed by Tom Milton over a period of 4 years. Extensive research was carried out to determine where the pressure points on a rider are most vulnerable, how a rider moves as they cycle and how can a saddle be designed to accommodate the asymmetrical movement of the human body. The Titanico saddles are made with ‘watershed’ leather (waterproof) and have a reinforcing leather laminate to increase durability. For lighter riders (<140 lbs), the Titanico Legacy offers greater flexibility to the rear of the saddle (the laminate is forward of the rear rivets). This version is only available in black.

I have been using a Titanico saddle for more than 6 years now on my race bike. Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable race saddle available on the market. When sitting for long periods of time on a narrow bicycle saddle, the pudendal nerve of the perineal region of the body is compressed, leading to numbness and pain. The Titanico effectively minimizes this compression, relieving much of the discomfort and allows you to sit for longer periods of time in the saddle. I have tested more than 50 different race saddles, all claiming to ‘relieve pressure’ on your sit bones to increase comfort. None come close to offering the comfort of the Selle An-Atomica saddle. For long rides on your race bike, this saddle is a must. Padded, gel and recessed saddles are great in theory, but in practice, they do not work as well as the Titanico design. Saddles that are tipped down at the nose, or have no nose, offer no support up front and increase the pressure rearward. The Titanico is a little like a hammock that distributes the pressure more evenly and also flexes with you body, unlike any other saddle on the market.

For further information, visit the Selle An-Atomica website (, or view a demonstration of the saddle in action (

Brooks B190 Saddle: Review

This is the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden. I have one on my city bike and one on my touring bike. Surprisingly, this saddle works quite well on a road bike. For comfort, the nose needs to be tilted down slightly. I have just finished a century ride and while all the riders were sore after 6 hours in the saddle riding race bikes with wafer thin saddles, I was still fresh and ready to go. Saddles are particular to your geometry, but there is no reason to dismiss a sprung saddle on any bike except your sub-15lb world record bike. Unless you are racing competitively, the weight penalty is negligible for the incredible comfort you will experience. It is more of a thrown, than a saddle. Regardless of your size or weight characteristics, you will be remiss to overlook this saddle. Large or small will certainly benefit from the superior ride of a double sprung saddle. The weight penalty and slight lose of rigid feel are a very small price to pay for extended riding comfort. No more sit bone pain, no more numbness.

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