Montague Boston SS Folding Bike: Review

You won’t find another bike like the Montague Boston. The Boston bike is really a unique bike. It is the only 700C folder on the market and if you are looking for a fixie, this is definitely worth considering. If you’re looking for a fixie, but also want a folder you could throw into the back of the car, then get your hands on this bike.

Straight out of the box, the bike is good to go, with decent components and a very functional, compact fold (for 700C). This probably won’t be a rapid transit commuter, but for traveling by car, this is hands down the best folder you can buy. It is a 10-second fold and rides like a normal bike, handling terrain with stability. It also happens to be the stiffest folding bike available. I’ve tried every folder on the market and only the Ritchey break-away and Alex Moulton bikes are comparable in stiffness. The advantage to the Montague bike is the rapid fold and how the fold pivots around the seat tube, maintaining structural integrity of the frame and fork. It ends up being as stiff as a full frame bike. It is the only folder that doesn’t ride or feel like a folder. I use this as my main training bike. You can see close ups on of a tricked out version using the outstanding Phil Wood ISO hub (

If you’re looking for a single speed/fixed bike and always wanted something practical to store in your apartment or throw in the back of your car, look no further – the Boston bike is your ticket.

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