Ciöcc Designer

Frame & Tubing
’84 Ciöcc Designer 84 ~ 62cm C-C ~ Columbus SL/SP Tubing ~ Campagnolo Dropouts

Fork and Headset
Ciöcc Full Chrome w/Ciocc Logo cutout (Columbus SL) ~ Campagnolo SR

Handlebars and Stem
Cinelli Giro D’ Italia 64-40 ~ Cinelli 1A 140mm & 115mm ~ Ambrosio Bike Ribbon & Benotto Cello Tape

Campagnolo Super Record Calipers w/Pads & NR Levers ~ Campag World Hoods

Front Derailleur
Campagnolo Nuovo Record (Braze-On)

Rear Derailleur
Campagnolo Nuovo Record ’82

Campagnolo Super Record

Regina Extra 7 (13,14,15,16,17,19,21)

Crankset and Bottom bracket
175 Campagnolo Super Record Strada 53/42 & Campagnolo SR BB

Pedals and Chain
Campagnolo Superleggeri w/Campagnolo Alloy Clips & Alfredo Binda Straps / Regina

Saddle and Seat Post
Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa & Regal Ti / Campagnolo Super Record Post – 27.2

Front wheel
Mavic Open 4 CD (36) ~ Campagnolo Record ~ Veloflex Pave
Mavic MA2 (36) ~ Campagnolo Record ~ Veloflex Master 20

Rear wheel
Mavic Open 4 CD (36) ~ Campagnolo Record ~ Veloflex Pave
Mavic MA2 (36) ~ Campagnolo Record ~ Veloflex Master 20

Water Cage
Vintage TA Optional

21.5 lbs

“A bicycle built by a frame builder has the soul of the builder. A mass produced frame does not have soul.
It doesnt know anyone.” – Giovanni Pelizzoli ~ Ciöcc

From the shop of Giovanni Pelizzoli in Mozzo, Italy, Ciöcc were and still are great riders. 10 Speed
Drive Imports brought them to the USA back in the day, putting them together and supposedly adding
quality paint jobs, surely better than those commonly coming out of Italy.

Ironically, I really bought this beast for parts as it had a near perfect set of Mavic MA2 mated to
Campag SR hubs of the day, not to mention a nice mix of Campag SR/NR, Cinelli, Concor, etc.

What it turned out to be is a near revelation. I had heard good things about Ciöcc on the road but
had not ridden one. This custom freak of nature with 62cm C-C seat tube and insane 61cm top tube(!)
is a damn SPEED SHIP on the pavement. Succinctly put, I believe it’s my fastest bike. Now I am
more than confused as I’m wondering what mix of this lies in the geometry vs size vs build
vs my very own personal brain damage.

The wheelbase measurement is actually shorter than my 59cm De Rosa Pro. Getting the hang of
handling this monster in aggressive corners took some time as the head tube length was disconcerting,
not to mention the longest top tube known to mankind. Regardless, it blows down the road like a
freight train run amok and has great ability to put power down to forward momentum. I go faster
with less effort compared to ALL my rides and I’m not chocking this up to simple momentum/
weight as this bike is a touch lighter than my Raleigh Professional.

Current guise is actually a more sane 115 Cinelli 1A , not the ape-like 140 you see above. Moving
back to my old preferred 59-60cm solution feels like going from TALL clown bike to Mini-Bike. I’ve
not had this beast up hills yet, but everywhere else is a total blast.

In talking with a fellow vintage cohort, we agree that Ciöcc is perhaps one of the most underrated
makes ever. I place it right with the best for performance and it’s quite possibly my favorite
go-to bike to hang with the A Team carbon brigade. Lastly, it’s pronounced much like “church”
except with a more silent “R”, this from Giovanni himself. You hear people say “choach” more
often than not, however.

I’m a Ciöcc believer now.


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